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Providing Relief and Healing

By providing natural energy to the magnetic field within cells, MagnaWave PEMF therapy enhances that cells' ability
to function at its greatest potential. 

Galaxy Equine Wellness takes pride in communicating what we see and feel throughout each Magnawave treatment with your horse.

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Relieve Pain & Stiffness to Provide Relaxation
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Maintain Peak Condition with Deep Tissue Massage
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Reduce Inflammation and Promote Healing

Galaxy is on the road!

Book a spot during our upcoming Florida sessions:
  • Jan 23, 24, Ocala area
  • Jan 24-28, Wellington
  • Feb 21-25, Ocala/Wellington 
  • March 21-25, Ocala/Wellington
  • April 18-20, Wellington

We do offer special pricing for follow-up sessions! 

  • Full $100

  • Follow up for $70

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Health is a state of mind. Wellness is a state of being.

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Meet Rachel Ziegler


Rachel has a Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies and worked as a Veterinary Assistant for a Sports Medicine Practice from 2009-2011. During that time Rachel cultivated a deep need to understand biomechanics, as well as an interest in alternative therapies.  She has 8 years of experience as a PEMF Practitioner.

Rachel is currently working towards becoming a Master Equine Bodyworker through Equinology and plans to continue her education with her ultimate goal being a certification in Osteopathy through the Vluggen Institute.  

Rachel prioritizes her continuing education and she is committed to staying up to date on the latest research.


​Recently, Rachel attended A Whole horse dissection with Ivana Rudduck Lange, Equinology 100 with Debranne Pattillo, and intro to MyoFascial Release with Karin Baldwin Quail.

By completing a minimum of two educational programs a year in varying aspects of Equine bodywork, Rachel is able to utilize a well-rounded approach during each session. 

Currently, Rachel is working on completing her Equinology Externship. In addition, she will be attending the Jillian K. Biomechanics course in July.

In September Rachel attended The Equinology Equine Body Work Review Course at the Equilearn Institute where she received 1-on-1, hands-on instruction from Debranne Patillo. 

In October Rachel attended the second course in Jillian Krienbring Biomechanics series Rhythm and Balance.  In addition to equine biomechanics they took a look at rider anatomy and biomechanics, and how to balance a rider in the saddle. Rachel was able to bring her own horse to participate in the riding portion of the course connecting theories to feel.

In the upcoming year, Rachel looks forward to attending another whole horse dissection and deciding between a deep dive into either Masterson Method Training or Sure Foot Pads. 

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