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PEMF Therapy

Improved Health Without Side Effects

The National Institutes of Health has PEMF as a research priority. NASA made a 4-year study of PEMF.

PEMF penetrates every cell, tissue, organ and even bones to stimulate electrical and chemical processes in the tissues in order to:

  • reduce pain and inflammation

  • improve energy and circulation

  • improve sleep quality

  • balance the immune system

  • accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue

  • help relax muscles

A Tune-Up for Our Cells

Helping reduce the risk of cell dysfunction.

PEMF treatments are not painful and can be relaxing. Treatment times are relatively short in duration and vary according to individual conditions. PEMF can help to various degrees depending on the problem or condition. 

A Solution for Animals and Humans Worldwide

PEMF treatments have been safely given in Europe
for over 40 years and available in the U.S. for over a decade!

Selecting a PEMF Therapist

There is more to selecting a  Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) therapist than just applying the modality beneficially.


By the time the Magna Wave Machine is introduced to your horse, Rachel has a complete understanding of the trainer and owner’s concerns, as well as, the horse’s personality, sensitivities, history, routine and job expectations. Issues that were not outwardly apparent may reveal themselves and you can typically expect to see your horse relaxing, stretching, clearing, and often giving big releases.  Licking, chewing, and yawning are all signs that your horse is releasing both emotional and physical tension. While this type of release is very important I am also looking to create changes in the tissue itself.  


Often an immediate difference in your horse’s physical appearance and movement following bodywork can be noted after just one session.  Movement after a session may be beneficial to help your horse integrate the changes made during the work. I often suggest that they get turned out or lunged lightly to stretch and move their body. When riding and working with the horse following sessions it is important to keep in mind that changes are occurring and care must be taken to not overdo it. They often feel softer, supple, willing, more balanced, moving freely and forward. Things that were a struggle may come more easily.  Horses that are on a regular program can be ridden but it is best to keep work light and stretchy. 


The rider and trainer are encouraged to view each ride as a way to train towards evenness and proper balance to ultimately help build correct muscling and improve your horse’s overall comfort and performance. 

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