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Pricing & Packages

Achieving Maximum Results

Knowledge, training, and a commitment to treating each horse as an individual.

Magnawave machines are not intended to be a "one-size-fits-all" experience and neither are our therapy sessions. With latest technology and highly trained technicians, Galaxy Equine Wellness offers the most effective PEMF treatments possible.




We start our first sessions by recording the horse's history and establishing a baseline with short static and dynamic evaluations while the owner or trainer are present.

The first sessions are typically 1.5-2 hours long since we take our time ensuring that the horse is comfortable and confident with the equipment. ​By working at a lower intensity for longer intervals we develop a feel for your horse's subtle cues since every horse has different sensitivities.




While you will see a difference in your horse after the first session, typically the horse becomes more comfortable in subsequent sessions and we are able to work more deeply or target specific areas to create lasting changes.


Farm Special

$170 per horse

1 Full Body Session + 1 Follow Session


This discount is offered for 4 or more new clients at the same farm on the same day.

4 Session


$85 per session

$340 Total

10 Session Package

$80 per session

$800 Total

Custom Package/ Injury Care

A tailor-made package to meet your horse's needs. Contact Rachel to customize your package>>

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