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Upon request and as a benefit to our clients, Galaxy Equine Wellness lends these educational DVDs and Books!

Call or text Rachel @ 908.797.6120 to learn more! 

DVD & Manual
Activate Your Horse's Core consists of a 95 minute DVD and a step-by-step manual with laminated pages and spiral binding that can be taken to the barn. The DVD and manual show how to perform exercises that mobilize the joints and engage the muscles used to round and stabilize the horse's neck, back, and pelvis during athletic activities.
In addition to improving strength and flexibility, these exercises will improve your horse's posture, self-carriage, and balance, especially in the highly-collected movements. The exercises are performed from the ground and do not require sophisticated equestrian skills or special equipment. The exercises have been designed by a veterinarian and a physical therapist to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries by strengthening the muscles of your horse's core.
An Introduction to Working In-Hand is designed to help you help your horse be suppler, straighter, and more balanced in-hand leading to a calmer, healthier horse under saddle. It will benefit horses of all breeds and disciplines because it is based on understanding and creating healthy postures and recognizing and developing healthy gaits.
The DVD is a THREE HOUR– plus an introduction to groundwork and working in hand with horses. It is practical and un-intimidating and follows the first five lessons of equestrian and biomechanics lecturer Jillian Kreinbring as she learns to shape, influence and enhance horses’ postures and gaits for the better with the help of a cavesson and a bamboo.
Book cover.png
Atlas of the Equine Musculoskeletal System Second Edition
With an emphasis on the visual, this book is composed of photographs of live horses in different postures and phases of movement, some augmented with superimposed images of bones and muscles, as well as photographs of dissected fresh cadavers revealing the many interacting layers of muscle and connective tissue, all the way to the skeletal system.
Five chapters dedicated to individual body parts are complete with photographs of common Areas of Concern such as stifle, shoulder and hyoid region, showing their complexity.  Together with simple charts, these photographs give the reader an unmistakable understanding of muscle and joint location, function, size, relationship and more.
Equi-Resp Nebulizer
Give your horse the winning advantage of an easy to use respiratory treatment and an immediate relief from respiratory problems. Equi-Resp with Equi-Silver has proven over and over that we offer the ability to help with all the above issues with a 100% natural product.
We have so many testimonials that after using our system, horses that have bled through Lasix are now 100% off it and no longer bleeding. Testimonials as to how our system has helped allergies and all other types of respiratory issues to provide these treatments at home or on the road, for a fraction of the cost of costly drug treatments.
The Equiband® System
consists of a saddle pad and two separate lengths of Equiband® that are attached to the saddle pad.
The saddle pad is available in:
  • Pony,
  • Small,
  • Regular
  • Large
  • Western sizes
The saddle pad is made up of a wool/felt mix and is machine-washable. It is ergonomically shaped to prevent any restriction in the wither or lower back regions. The clips that attach Equiband® to the saddle pad are designed for durability and safety. The saddle pad is designed for use with jumping, dressage and western saddles.
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